Friday, January 18, 2008

Truthling Jihad: Trutherzoid vs Trutherbot vs Trutherzilla

You have to laugh at the monumental insanities peddled by truthlings.

Their cult-brained conspiracy fantasies are not only blatantly ridiculous and bereft of hard evidence, but as they consistently berate one another, their foolish delusions are frequently mutually exclusive with the fables of other crazed conspiracy parrots.

Like narcotic addicts; they've needed ever stronger "hits" of conspiracy crack to keep the illusions viable until, even the most bizarre has now become boring and mundane and they are imploding, falling into depression and often sound suicidal.

Marc Awodey has an Interesting editorial at Op-Ed News.

But “daylight is the best antiseptic” and the 9/11 “truth” fad is a victim of its own internet success. Practically everyone on the planet has heard conspiracist rants on U-tube, in blogs, forums, books, and videos, and found such claims to lack veracity. Thus hot air is rapidly seeping out of the “truth” balloon. One reason is because of the oxymoron that there are so many claims on the truth. No planes “theories,” artificial voice recordings from air phones, laser beams, flight 93 passengers killed in Cleveland - you name it, and it’s a “theory.”

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