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Alex Jones and The Francesco Cossiga 9/11 Hoax

Conspiracy adherents are noted and notorious fabricators and hoaxers. 

On the political spectrum; throughout history, there have been numerous conspiratorial-style fabrications and hoaxes produced by conspiracy peddlers to demonize real and frequently perceived enemies.

One of the most memorable and notorious conspiracy hoaxes is "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Often misconstrued as a purely "anti-Semitic" fabrication, it was in fact far more a reactionary, monarchist, royalist and theocon Rightist propaganda against the progressive, liberalizing, emancipationist movements which emerged since the Protestant Revolution and the Enlightenment.

Like modern conspiracy hustlers, the "Protocols" similarly peddle the noxious fable of a "world conspiracy" and other than the conspiracy's name being altered, not a great deal has redacted in this fable. 

The radical far Right refer to it as the "NWO Conspiracy," whilst the hyper frantic Left euphemize it as "Globalization."

Neither fanatical side provides rational discourse.  Nor, the pros and cons of globalization, or the proposition of a more "united" people, society and planet;  but haphazardly use such phrases, often in a derogatory fashion, to demonize perceived enemies often, quite fictitious ones at that.

An arch-lunatic amongst the nutbar conspiracy rubes is attention scavenger, hate monger, fear peddler and snake oil salesman Alex Jones. 

The maniacal, ego-bloated Jones, disgorges a sludge of manic conspiracy bloviate through his various WWW "fronts" such as the warped and convoluted ravings located on his "prisonplanet" prattler.

The articles on the site are allegedly concocted by a devoted Alex Jones lackey, Paul Joseph Watson who obsequiously spins for Jones with all the vertigo of "Meniere's Disease" sufferer.

Although Alex Jones professes to be some sort of far Right Wing "Christian" fundamentalist, or in sane people speak;  a religious nutcase, the "prisonplanet" front is curiously named after a Scientology cult concept:

"Earth was subsequently abandoned ... and remains a pariah "prison planet" to this day"

Alex Jones has promoted a Scientologist and apologetically raved in defense of Tom Cruise;  making the crazy Cruise into a hero and victim, rather than a Scientology cult advocate, anti-rational and anti-science crusader, with Jones claiming "Cruise is right on point on every issue raised."

This raises a few questions:

(a) Did Jones plagiarize the Scientology concept?

(b) Is the nutty Alex Jones an actual Xenu devotee that is, a quasi-closeted Scientologist? 

(c) But more importantly; which one is crazier, Tom Cruise or Alex Jones? 

With these background notes in mind, we move to the core topic.

Guzzling the conspiracy Kook Aid, the Jones conspiracy junkies recently promoted and popularized the hoax that "Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job"

A truly false blab operation, which asserted an ex-Italian PM supported their "9/11 Inside Job" chimera.

Common characteristics amongst conspiracy devotees is their habitual hyper-exaggeration and colossal inconsistencies.

For instance, they will incessantly whine and demonize the so-called "elite" and "mainstream media" yet,  immediately the elite or mainstream offer them the time of day, they will grovel and prostrate in adulation; to "sup with the devil" then becomes high-art.

Thus, inconsistent as ever, when the "mainstream" or an "elite," in this case even appears to squawk to their adenoidal, castrati choir, they change their tune pronto.  The hitherto sources of demonized disinformation, magically morph into sources of truth. 

To debunk the Alex Jones Francesco Cossiga "9/11 Inside Job" hoax, we refer rational readers to the James Randi Foundation, [JRF] forums:


"In Brief: This claim is based on a story published in an Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. But has the former Italian president really joined the truth movement? Not according to this translation:

“As I’ve been told, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (interview appeared on 30 november 07) the most important chain of newspaper of our country should give the proof, with an exceptional scoop, that the video (which in reality is an audio tape, NdR) in which appear Osama, leader of “the great and powerful movement of islamic revenge Al Quaeda” - God bless him! - and in which are formulated threats to our ex president Berlusconi, is nothing more than a fake realized inside Mediaset studios (the huge television group owned by Berlusconi) in Milan and sent to arabic television Al Jazeera.

The trap was organized to create solidarity for Berlusconi, which is having lot of problem related for the tangle between RAI and Mediaset. From sources near to Palazzo Chigi, the nevralgic center of italian intelligence, we know that the video is fake because Osama admits that he was the mind behind the attacks against the twin towers, while all the democratic parties in Europe and USA know very well that the attack was organised by CIA and Mossad, whit the help of sionistic world, just to accuse arab countries and induce occident to intervein both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is why nobody in parlament gave solidarity to Berlusconi, which is the author of the fake video" "

It's apparent that Cossiga was being sarcastic about the perceived tendency of the fevered Italian Left to blame everything on Berlusconi, Americans and so-called "Zionist" bogeymen.

But, Cossiga himself admits he is not a conspiracy theorist, see this article published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

He affirms, "I refuse the conspiracy theory, which is a smart and sometimes sincere contrafaction of reality caused by the fear of that (reality)".

And also: "Rembering how "open" american society is, I think it's very unlikely, I may say impossible, that 9/11 was an inside job".

The conclusions are apparent and obvious:

(1) Francesco Cossiga has a sense of humor

(2) He like ourselves, enjoys taking pokes at unhinged, nutbar conspiracy cranks

(3) Francesco Cossiga by his own empathic admission, definitely does not believe 9/11 was that tiresome cliche, "an inside job"

(4) The hoax peddled by the Alex Jones front [site] is a deliberate, Yellow Journalistic, sensationalistic, Tabloid fabrication

(5) Truther cultists are daft, lack a sense of humor;  are ignorant and have no idea when they are being sent up, scorned, ridiculed and mocked

(6) Ignorant conspiracy devotees frequently poleaxe themselves by not fact-checking and posting articles which, far from supporting their crazy conspiracy schemes, make fun of or, completely demolish their irrational fantasies

In short, "hoax busted!" and another conspiracy fabrication bites the dust.

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Alex Jones is a blathering moron.

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