Saturday, February 9, 2008

Roman Catholic Dennis Kucinich Directed by UFO Apparition; Whilst Ron Paul Sees "God"

The headline may read like a spoof; but reality is frequently spookier and spoofier, than parody.

In speaking of wally world, as with the recent piece on the frothy mouthed, Uber Nut Alex Jones;  another luminary schlemiel spruiked by conspiracy adherents is the hobbit shaped Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis recently and bitterly dropped out of the presidential "race" and apparently stamp his imprimatur on wannabe American pope of the pauletariat dictatorship, Ron Paul.

Yep! Behind that cheesy, beatific smile, the same ultra Rightist, bigoted, homophobic, race-for-profit exploiter Ron Paul;  who penned those loathsome letters we reported recently, whilst Kucinich masquerades and markets himself as a "Progressive."

Not dissimilar to certain Catholics who see heavenly apparitions and sightings in moldy crusts of cheese and toast below, New Age chic Dennis Kucinich, admits to ogling a UFO. 

He does not contest his pal New Ager Shirley MacLaine's biographical sketch; that Dennis was emotionally impacted and cerebrally influenced by the celestial apparition.

The "UFO" encounter was obviously not a mere sighting of something completely clinical, mechanistic, abstract, untenable, unutterable and inexplicable but rather, one where emotion and mind merged in a connective, religious-style epiphany. 

Dennis, "found the encounter extremely moving ... felt a connection to [his] heart ... heard directions in [his] mind"

Shirley, also urged that Dennis contact her spiritual advisor; who instructed and, "helped her communicate with trees."

Unlike infrequent and episodic UFO seer and "triangular craft" mind-contactee Dennis Kucinich, his buddy Ron Paul apparently sees "God" everywhere and in everything.

Evidently, even where he or she, is not located.  For instance, Ron Paul has asserted that "God" is found in he American Constitution?! 

According to Ron Paul:

"the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, [are]both replete with references to God"

That is the illusory pope Paul spin version; so for those instructed by fact, reason and the rational, here is the complete text of the American Constitution to test pope Paul's claim --and upon examination, a completely weird claim at that.

Contrary to Ron Paul's assertion, a search reveals that "God" is non-existent;  not even once does the word "God" appear in the text.

Let alone the mind-boggling fantasy that it is "replete" with the word. Neither claim is true; but one is surely more bizarrely untruthful than the other.  Indeed, Ron Paul asserts a blatant falsehood.

A rational person might expect that a geriatric, political blow hard whose every rhetorical bloviate and slithery mantra is laced in feigned veneration of "the Constitution," might surely have bothered to read the document in entirety.  Just once!

In considering potential rulers who make pious noises as representatives or seers of "God" or his modern substitutes; one is mindful of Aristotle's admonitory:

"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side."

Our New Age seers of apparition and non-existent deity, oracle Dennis and pope Ron, do seem a cozy match made for the Truthling Zone. A melding of like "minds," a union consummated in the Psych Ward.

On the other hand, we rational folks would like to see politicians, at least remotely grounded in reality.

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